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Welcome to Year 5

Life in Year 5

Year 5 is all about the children learning to take more responsibility as they move towards the top end of the school.  We continue to instil independence and resilience in the children as they navigate their way through the year. It is important that they enjoy their learning and develop positive relationships with all members of the school community and begin to make positive contributions to the school and wider community. 

The year 5 curriculum reflects the move into upper key stage 2, with thought-provoking topics such as World War 2 alongside the quality texts that are studied to support learning, such as Room 13 and The Nowhere Emporium.  

All children in year 5 learn to play the clarinet as part of the Sheffield Wider Opportunities programme. Year 5 is also the year that children get the opportunity to go on our brilliant (and very tiring!) annual school residential!


Miss O'Connor - Class Teacher

Miss Laurie - Class Teacher 

Learning in Year 5 



By the beginning of year 5, children are able to read aloud a wider range of poetry and books written at an age-appropriate interest level with accuracy and at a reasonable pace. Building on skills taught through daily reading lessons, they are able to draw inferences and predict and summarise a familiar story in their own words. They are encouraged to read widely and frequently, outside school as well as in school, for pleasure and information. They should be able to read silently, with good understanding, inferring the meanings of unfamiliar words, and then discuss what they have read.


In year 5 the children are now able to write down their ideas quickly and their grammar and punctuation should be broadly accurate. Children are encouraged to spell words that they have not yet been taught by using what they have learnt about how spelling works in English. During year 5 teaching continues to emphasise the enjoyment and understanding of language, especially vocabulary, to support their writing. As in years 3 and 4, they are taught to enhance the effectiveness of their writing as well as their competence and writing stamina across the whole curriculum.



One of our core focuses in maths, now that we are moving in to upper Key Stage 2, will be our ability to think mathematically and make decisions. By developing our understanding of number and the place value system to include much larger numbers up to 1 million, we will aim to be able to think critically about the numbers we are using and decide which strategy is the most efficient for solving a problem. Amongst other things, this year will extend our knowledge of number facts to include primes, work with improper fractions and mixed numbers and begin to work with angles. We will continue to use TT Rockstars to help us to maintain our rapid recall of times tables facts, and set homework to get us thinking mathematically and applying our understanding.

Year 5 Curriculum Overview

Year 5 is jam-packed full of exciting topics that cover the full breadth of the National Curriculum.

Please see the documents below for this half terms Curriculum Newsletters and Knowledge Organisers

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