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At Halfway Junior School we believe homework should provide the opportunity to develop knowledge, skills and thinking abilities through setting tasks that reflect and support the children’s experience in the classroom; broadening the school curriculum. A range of tasks, designed to interest and enthuse pupils, will provide opportunity to embed knowledge learned in the classroom, practise and rehearse taught skills and further extend children’s wider thinking abilities. Homework, in partnership with parents, provides an opportunity to create a sense of work ethic and personal responsibility vital in their preparation for future learning. Finally, we believe homework also helps children develop resilience on their journey to becoming lifelong learners that feel empowered to become the best that they can be.

We will continue to encourage children to complete their homework and ask that you do the same at home. Each half term, children will be rewarded with a special 100% certificate if they complete each week’s homework during that half term.                         

What homework will my child receive?

 Maths - homework will be based around key arithmetic objectives (such as number bonds, times tables, recall of key facts) and objectives children have covered in maths lessons that week. You should find that the layout and wording of the homework is similar to the work that was sent out during the school closure.

Children will also be expected to be using their TT Rockstars log-ins to be practising their times tables regularly. 

Reading - Whilst we still ask that children are reading regularly at home, we have introduced a separate reading homework task. This will contain a short reading extract and a series of comprehension questions. Children will be familiar with these question types from their reading lessons. 

Spelling and handwriting -Weekly spellings will continue to be sent home for children to practise. Children can also practise their handwriting alongside these.


How will homework be set?

For now, homework will be sent home each Friday as a paper copy in the child’s home learning book, as well as uploaded onto Google Classrooms. Homework is to be returned to school by the following Wednesday to give teacher’s enough time to look through it. Those that complete it on Google Classrooms will receive feedback this way. As the half term progresses, we hope to send home less paper copies of homework as more children move to accessing it via Google Classrooms.

Most homework will be shared in the format of a Google Slide or Google Doc. This means children can type straight onto the document with their answers.

Children may choose to continue to use their home learning book for handwriting practise and bring this back to school, or take a photograph of their work and upload this to the Google Classroom.

Within the How to Guide below is more information about how your child can access their homework, as well as complete it online and ‘turn it in’.

How can you help to support your child?

We know that homework can be a source of tension at home and hope that our re-designed homework can provide an opportunity for your child to work both with you and independently on their tasks. We have specifically designed our new-look homework to provide opportunities to practise key learning points, as well as reflect the learning that has happened in class that week, in order to keep you connected to what your child is learning in school.

Please encourage your child to complete as much of it as they can.

If you have any problems around the home learning, then please speak to your child’s class teacher who will be able to help.