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Parent Feedback

End of Year Reports 

"We are thrilled to bits with our report, we are so very proud of our little star. It’s so good to know the excellent progress she's made up until March, and it’s our hope that since then she's been able to keep some level of learning up, even though we couldn't possible hope to achieve what she would have with Miss Hallam and her team. We just wanted to say a huge thank you to Miss Hallam, Mr Folmer, Mr Dixon and Miss Lee for all their time, expertise and care, she has loved Y4 as much as she did Y3, and is really excited to join Y5. Thank you all so much for all you do"

"Mr. Owen is an amazing teacher with such a calm, caring and reassuring manner. She has loved having you as her teacher. Thank you."

"........ has continued to work hard during her home schooling therefore this with her lovely comments from Mr Brown I’m sure she will do well next year in Y5. We appreciate all your hard work and effort, have a great summer break"

"Just want to say a big thank you to Miss Marklew for all her help and support she’s been amazing"

"Thank you so much to Mr Hick for all he has done during Y3, Mr Hick is a great teacher and he has learned so much from him. He really is a credit to your team"

"Thank you to Miss White and everyone who has taught and worked with my child during her time at HJS."

"What a fantastic report! Mr Oakley has been a great Y5 teacher - thank you very much.  We cant wait for Y6!"

"We are extremely proud of our Y5 report. He definitely seemed to settle in well and was enjoying his time in school.  We are very happy to read that he has worked so hard in school and seems to be in a good position for starting  Y6. I really hope his good progress continues. Thanks to Mrs Walker & Mrs Holmes for all their hard work"

"Thank you so much for the detailed feedback and kind words. The reports must have taken ages and we are very grateful. Kind regards to all, stay safe"