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ParentPay and ParentMail 

We are a cashless school and aim to be paperless as much as possible in order to be environmentally friendly. 


ParentPay is a truly cashless catering system, making schools safer and giving you peace of mind.  There’s no need for children to take large amounts of cash into school - you can top up your balance using one of the payment methods accepted.  Your balance will be updated daily based on the meals your child selects. 

Click here to make a payment for school meals, milk, clubs, trips and other items. Or, if required, contact the school office for an activation letter to get started. 


ParentMail makes life just that little bit easier. With one single account, you can receive all our newsletters, letters and forms.  Access ParentMail from your computer or smartphone, using the free ParentMail app.  

When you join Halfway Junior School you will receive a registration email or text. On completion of your registration you can download the app which is called 'Halfway Junior School'.  Remember to say yes to notifications and that way you won’t miss a thing.

All the help you need is available from the ParentMail website. Please click here for details.  If you can't find the answer to your questions, please contact the school office.