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Celebrating achievements

We love celebrating our children's achievements and do this in lots of different ways.



We hold a range of assemblies throughout the week and the year, where we celebrate children's achievements. Our celebration assemblies always link to our core values. 

Celebration Assembly

Every Friday we hold our Celebration Assembly. During this assembly we award:

  • Star of the Week – a child chosen from each class who has brilliantly demonstrated a core value that week.
  • Learner of the Week – a child from each class who has demonstrated brilliant learning outcomes or attitudes.
    • Parents of children who are receiving 'Learner of the Week' are invited to join us for this assembly.


Halfway Hero Awards

At the end of each half-term, we hold a very special 'Halfway Hero' awards assembly, where we celebrate one child from each class who has expertly demonstrated the core value of the half-term. Parents are invited in for these extra-special assemblies. 


Y6 Leavers Assembly

At the end of every year we say a fond farewell to our Y6 cohort as they leave us ready to begin the new challenges that Secondary school will bring. We celebrate their time with us through a special leavers assembly in July, where they each receive an award, trophy and autograph book to commemorate their time with us, 

Other ways we celebrate

Head Teacher Stickers

If a teacher has been really impressed with a piece of work, pupils may get sent to show the work to Mrs Shepherd or Mr Fallon. They love these visits and will give out a special Head Teacher sticker to the pupil.


Pen Licences

We want our pupils to have pride in their learning and as such have high expectations of handwriting and presentation. All children start each new academic year writing in pencil, having daily handwriting lessons. When a pupil's handwriting consistently follows the school handwriting policy they are awarded a pen licence and given their own handwriting pen. These licences are very special and are only given out by Mrs Shepherd or Mr Fallon!