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Welcome to Year 6

Life in year 6

Year 6 is a busy, demanding but fun year at Halfway Junior School. Children enjoy being the eldest in school and as such as expected to act as excellent role models for the rest of the school community. They use their last year with us to demonstrate all our core values, but in particular a strong emphasis is placed on being ambitious with their learning and courageous with their approach to transition and the changes that they are facing.

The year 6 curriculum is designed to help our pupils become Key Stage 3 ready, with topics linked to current global issues, such as Climate Change, as well as STEM projects that demand precision and skills across a variety of subjects.

During year 6 pupils children are taught independent life skills in anticipation for their move to secondary school. The end of year 6 culminates in the annual year 6 performance where we get to see the children shine on stage. Our year 6's also get the chance to go on our amazing annual school residential. 

For more information about the transition from year 6 to year 7, please see our transition page. 


Miss White - Class Teacher

Miss Hallam - Class Teacher

Mr Owen - Class Teacher

Mrs McGrail - Teaching Assistant

Learning in Year 6 



In year 6, children continue to embed their previous learning. They learn subject specific vocabulary and during daily reading lessons they practise previously learnt skills including drawing inferences, predicting and summarising. They learn how to effectively answer a range of questions about fiction and non-fiction texts through an understanding of the language used and they are encouraged to discuss the author’s use of language and its impact on the reader. Children in both years 5 and 6 participate in discussions about books that are read to them and those they can read for themselves. They are encouraged to explain and discuss their understanding of what they have read and to justify their views.


In year 6, children are able to reflect their understanding of the audience and purpose for their writing by selecting appropriate vocabulary and grammar. We support our children in preparing for secondary education by ensuring that they can consciously control sentence structure in their writing and understand why sentences are constructed as they are. Children are taught to understand nuances in vocabulary choice and age-appropriate, academic vocabulary. Year 6 children spend time mastering their skills through consolidation, practise and discussion of language.



Just like in maths last year, a huge focus in year 6 will be how we can think mathematically and make decisions. This will be boosted by continuing to explore mathematical connections, such as those between multiplication and division and fractions, decimals percentages and ratio. It is our aim that children end the year having enjoyed learning and being challenged by maths, and with a secure foundation on which to build as they continue into secondary. As in previous years, we will continue to use TT Rockstars to help us to maintain our rapid recall of times tables facts, and set homework to get us thinking mathematically and applying our understanding.

Year 6 Curriculum Overview

Year 6 is packed full of exciting topics that cover the full breadth of the National Curriculum, aimed to get pupils Key Stage 3 ready.

Please see the document below for a curriculum overview of the term. 

 Y6 CN - Summer 1.pdfDownload
 Y6 KO - Summer 1.pdfDownload
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