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Westfield Family of Schools Attendance Guidelines


It is vital that children attend school on all days that they are able in order to get the best start in life. Missed days can quickly add up to hours of missed learning and as such, we monitor all attendance closely, ensuring that we work with families to improve attendance where necessary. 

Our school attendance target is 97%.  In order to meet this target we begin to support our families once attendance falls below 95%. 

When any child's attendance falls below 90%, all absence is classed as unauthorised unless proof absence is shared with the school (such as an appointment card or letter). 


Holiday's During Term Time

The Department of Education guidelines makes it clear that Headteachers cannot authorise any leave of absence, including term time holidays, unless there are exceptional circumstances. Any absence without this agreement will be classed as unauthorised.  Unauthorised absences of five or more consecutive days could lead to the issuing of a fixed penalty notice regardless of the student’s previous attendance record. 

If authorised, the Headteacher is also able to set a time limit on the leave of absence. Details of the amendments made by the DfE can be found on the DfE website www.education.gov.uk

Exceptional circumstances are described as unique or one off events. Visits from family members or opportunities for discounted holidays will not constitute as exceptional circumstances. Also, in taking any decision to authorise absence the Headteacher will also take other factors into account such as a student’s current attendance level. 

This policy is in line with Sheffield City Council guidelines and is common across the Westfield Family of Schools, of which we are part of. 


Appointments During School Hours 

We ask that all appointments such as medical etc are made out of school hours wherever possible. However, if your child has an appointment they cannot miss or rearrange, evidence of this appointment will need to be seen by the school office. This could be an appointment card or text message. 

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Leave of absence form

Should you require a leave of absence form, please either download the document below, or pick up a paper copy form the school office. 

 Request for term time leave application form.pdfDownload
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Rewarding Attendance

We award positive attendance in a variety of ways:

  • The class with the best weekly attendance receive a trophy and get extra football!
  • Pupils that have a termly attendance of 97%+ receive a SIV voucher.
  • Pupils with yearly 100% attendance receive a special certificate and a book token.