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At Halfway Junior School we follow the National Curriculum, a course of study decided by the Department for Education.

Click here for a link to National Curriculum guidelines we follow.  

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We teach our curriculum through a cross-curricular topic approach. Skills and knowledge have been designed to be re-visited and built upon across the Key Stage to ensure our children leave us Key Stage 3 ready in every aspect of the National Curriculum.  

Our curriculum has been re-designed to reflect our increasing numbers and change in school structure, as well as to ensure our children are prepared for the future. As a staff we have worked collaboratively to ensure that our core values and school vision are reflected within our curriculum design and intent. 


Our curriculum is designed to:

• Engage, excite and challenge. 
• Be broad and balanced. 
• Show progress of skills across the Key Stage. 
• Reflect the needs and interests of the children we teach. 
• Has the (unknown) future in mind. 
• Broadens horizons, informs and equips children for the wider world. 
• Support emotional and social well-being. 
• Develop short and long-term memory so our learning becomes embedded. 
• Develop Culture & Science Capital. 
• Lead children on an aspirational journey

Curriculum Overview

In order to help families support learning we send home Curriculum Newsletters each half-term, which share the learning journey your child will go on in every subject over the term. We also send home Knowledge Organisers for every new topic, which break down the key knowledge that will be taught. 

This year's Curriculum Newsletters and Knowledge Organisers can be found on the relevant year group pages to the right.

English and Maths 


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Religious Education 

At Halfway Junior School we use the Sheffield SACRE document to support our teaching of RE. Each half term we have an RE week, where each year group studies the same faith, but with a different focus, ensuring that RE knowledge and skills are progressive across KS2. 

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